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Academic Courses

Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse (KRCHN) Training.

KRCHN training takes 3 & ½ years. The Nursing Council of Kenya recognizes Maua Methodist Hospital as a KRCHN training institution.

KRCHN is professional training leading to a diploma upon successful completion.

Since this is professional training, there are no school terms. Students have one month’s leave per year.

The staff of Maua Methodist Hospital are committed to providing all the necessary theoretical and practical supervision to our students.

Those who chose to come to Maua are given the opportunity to become excellent practical

nurses with a Christian foundation dedicated to giving total care to the patients.


General Nursing, Duration in weeks  Community Health, Duration in weeks 
Medical nursing  
12 Community outreach 4
Paediatric Nursing 12 School Health 1
Surgical Nursing 12 Child Welfare 4
Theatre Nursing 6 Antenatal Care 4
OPD/Casualty 6 Family Planning 4
Psychiatry 8 Health Centre 6
Intensive Care Unit 1 District Experience 4
Midwifery, Duration in weeks  Theory, Duration in weeks 
Ante-natal care 6 Introductory Block 12
Labour and delivery 16 Block 1, 2, 3, and 4
Post-natal care 6 Two Revision Blocks
Nursery 8



Our Contacts

Maua Methodist Hospital

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