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Paediatric Clinic

The Hospital has a pediatrician. This is a doctor who has specialized in diseases affecting children.

Pediatrician runs a pediatrics outpatient clinic every Wednesday. He discusses with the parents on the issues affecting the child, offers professional advice to parents and responds to all their questions about child condition.

He establishes a schedule with the parents for follow-up to assess improvement. For cases requiring complicated treatment like heart conditions; he links the parents to relevant specialized units.

He also attends children on the ward and nursery on daily basis.

He is available for consultations regarding children illnesses from other clinicians.


The obstetrics and gynaecological unit has comfortable and well equipped delivery rooms and wards.

There is a resident obstetrician/gynaecologist and an experienced team of midwives.

The services offered are normal deliveries and caesarean sections, these are operations for mothers who cannot have a normal delivery at the time. We also serve as a referral centre for complicated delivery cases.

The gynaecological unit is dedicated to the treatment and care of the diseases of the female reproductive organs, for example infertility and cancers.

The Unit has a Cryotherapy and LEEP machines that enable early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer. In addition we do major surgeries for complicated diseases of gynaecological conditions. 



Our Contacts

Maua Methodist Hospital

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