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The Hospital Laboratory offers all basic and special Laboratory investigations. It is manned by qualified personnel and is fully equipped with the state of art machines that are regularly serviced to ensure efficiency and accuracy of results.

Maua Methodist Hospital laboratory acts as the reference laboratory in the region. Its objective is to offer high quality, competitive, affordable, and timely results to its clients. A combination of highly qualified and friendly personnel, state of the art equipment and hospital management information system facilitates generation of accurate and absolutely reliable results which are promptly transmitted to the clinicians.

This enables the clinicians to immediately initiate appropriate care and management to the patients. The laboratory is in operation 24 hours and seven days a week and performs a wide range of tests with incredibly short turnaround time. All instruments are calibrated and tested regularly according to a standard protocol that addresses quality control, maintenance and operation.

The use of automated analyzers reduces the chances of human error and significantly reduces turnaround time for many tests. Pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical procedures are closely monitored to ensure precision and accuracy of results. Apart from engaging in intra-laboratory quality assurance, the laboratory participates in external quality assessment program (HUQAS, QASI) where it performs satisfactorily. The laboratory staff members are continuously trained on the latest diagnostic procedures in order to maintain excellence and high standards of laboratory practice.


Some of the tests in the unit include:





With the help of modern equipment, the unit is able to perform a wide range of hematological investigations. They include full blood count, coagulation profile, peripheral blood film, ESR among others.

Biochemistry unit:

This unit is equipped with modern analyzers and is best suited to carry out a host of biochemical analyses. The investigations done include liver function tests, renal function tests, HbA1c, Lipid profile among others.

HbA1c  is a form of haemoglobin measured primarily to identify the average plasma glucose concentration over prolonged periods of time. As the average amount of plasma glucose increases, the fraction of glycated haemoglobin increases in a predictable way. In diabetes mellitus, higher amounts of glycated haemoglobin indicates poor control of blood glucose levels which have been associated with cardiovascular disease. 

Monitoring HbA1C in type 1 diabetic patients improves outcomes. Please get tested.



Thyroid function tests, prostate surface antigen, CD4 count, ASOT, Rheumatoid factor among others.


Blood transfusion unit:

This is where blood typing and cross-matching are performed. The unit has an obligation to provide enough and safe blood for transfusion purpose whenever need arises. Other tests performed here include, comb’s test, Du test and other related tests.


Microbiology and Mycology unit:

With the aid of modern equipment, the unit is able to perform cultures, drug susceptibility tests, TB screening, H. Pylori antigen, Salmonella antigen, Indian ink and KOH and a host of other microbiological investigations. Results for culture are released within three days.


Virology unit:

This is where HIV viral load, hepatitis B and C viruses are tested.










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Maua Methodist Hospital

P.O BOX 63-60600

Maua, Meru North, Kenya

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