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We offer a variety of orthopaedic services including fracture management, orthotics and prosthetic.

Fracture management is done in both outpatient and inpatient. This is done using plaster of paris, dynacast etc. In the wards specialised treatment is given, for example fracture alignement using traction systems, surgery and nursing care until the patient is ready to go home.

The unit works in partnership with other units like the X-Ray unit that helps in doing the investigations.

Discharged patients are given clinical review dates.

Orthotics: The hospital has several orthotics  and supportive devices and appliances. through assessment of the patients condition is done to determine the appropriate application of the above.

We offer orthotic management for clubfoot using ponseti method and also orthotic management of genu valgum and varum.

Prosthetics: Amputees of both upper and lower limbs are assessed for fitting of appropriate artificial limbs.


Our Contacts

Maua Methodist Hospital

P.O BOX 63-60600

Maua, Meru North, Kenya

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mobile: +254-0724-697053

Switchboard: +254-0715-469046


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