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Maternity Ward

The Maua Methodist Hospital Maternity unit houses four sections namely: Antenatal, Postnatal, Labour wards and Neonatal Special Care Unit.

The maternity unit has a bed capacity of 54 beds, 16 cots and 10 labour beds. It's main objectives are;


  • To provide quality services by competent, qualified and God fearing staff to ensure safe motherhood.
  • To promote staff knowledge and understanding on safe motherhood
  • To improve and maintain staff motivation to enhance team work.
  • To undertake strategic assessment of the unit and identify strengths, constraints and opportunities.
  • To work in closer partnership with neighbouring health care providers referring patients to our unit.


In the unit, there are up-to-date standards of procedures / protocols and there were regular monthly updates on Emergency Obstetric Care (EMOC), Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT), Active Management of Third of Stage of Labour (AMTSL) and resuscitation of newborn baby within a minute of life among many others to ensure integrated quality care has been offered to those women who come to seek services.

Staff in maternity unit are continuously keen in dealing with preventive and curative services hence leading to good patients’ outcome. 



Our Contacts

Maua Methodist Hospital

P.O BOX 63-60600

Maua, Meru North, Kenya

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mobile: +254-0724-697053

Switchboard: +254-0715-469046


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