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Inpatient Services

Admission Highlights

A deposit is required from all self-paying patients except for emergencies where the doctor should sign the emergency form. For emergency admissions, deposit is due within 24 hours of admission.
Patients covered by an insurance company should ensure  his/her insurance forms  are completed within 24 hours of admission.

The discharge process is initiated by the treating doctor when he signs a discharge slip which is sent to the Ward Incharge. Clients are required to confirm with the billing Clerks that all their charges have been posted in the system and also check with their ward sister that all their discharge medication has been delivered to the ward.

At this point they can clear with accounts who issues them with a final Invoice. This should be taken to the ward sister. NHIF cards should be presented on admission so that the rebates can be calculated during discharge.


All wards are headed by Sisters  in Charge assisted by the Deputy  Sisters in Charge and supported by senior nurses, staff nurses ,enrolled nurses, Health care assistants and support staff.

The patient beds are adjustable, comfortable, and each bed has access to oxygen supply and a call bell among other provisions.

The wards vary from  private wards  and general wards depending on the patient's choice.

Patients are served a good range of well cooked, healthy and palatable food of their own choice, transculturally selected.

Chaplaincy services are available all day facilitated by our Hospital Chaplaincy department

There are beautiful gardens  and well kept lawns available on the hospital grounds where  patients  relax as they  recuperate

Types of Wards available

Medical Ward
A general ward providing care for patients in a quiet environment.

Surgical Ward
A ward offering pre and post surgical nursing care. 

Maternity Ward
This  consists of labor ward, pre and postnatal and a baby nursery. It is well equipped with obstetric equipment and qualified midwives who support mothers through patient education, knowledge and skills to ensure safe motherhood.

Paedriatrics Ward

The Paedriatrics Ward is a  ward providing care for sick children.

The Nursery/ Special Care Baby Unit
The Special Care Baby Unit is a  ward providing care for sick and premature babies.

Our Contacts

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