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Operations & Outreach

Provides mobile health care, school health services, community health training in remote villages.

An Advance gift will enable MMH to greatly expand existing mobile community health care outreach work which takes essential preventive and curative health care services to areas within our district where such services are not available and the population is too poor to seek services from other sources. Integrating these services with the existing HIV/AIDS care and treatment services will greatly increase the effectiveness of both and therefore the credibility within the community.

Prevention of malaria in a pregnant woman will not only save the life of the unborn child, but will prevent the mother from becoming severely ill and unable to provide for herself and her family. It will also allow her to save the additional treatment cost for curing malaria once fully established.

Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) is a very essential part of our service. PMTCT will not only reduce the risk of HIV infection of the newborn by half, but the counseling and testing involved is an entry point for many more HIV services like counseling and testing for the husband and other community members. This is a community based home care initiative.

Burn prevention: Burns are extremely expensive to treat and cause and permanent disabilities. We can show mothers how to build raised stoves instead of the traditional fire places on the ground. This simple and acceptable measure dramatically reduces the risk of burns especially to small children.

Primary care for eye and ENT disease prevents many cases of disability.

Community based rehabilitation offers new opportunities to disabled people.

Existence of communicable disease e.g. measles, TB, which are immunizable and preventable through health education has necessitated the availing of services nearer to the people through the operational outreach.

The hospital trained community health workers and community based distributors of contraceptives to serve in the community and the community health department being their centre of coordination, in full filling the vision of the hospital to reach the poor and disadvantaged, the hospital introduced the mobile clinics in the catchments areas to provide:

  1. Ante-natal care to the pregnant mothers in the remote areas of the district and the marginalized communities
  2. To give immunizations to the children under five
  3. To provide treatment for minor ailments
  4. To refer for further management as necessary
  5. To follow mothers with identified health problems
  6. Provide Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission(PMCT) training to all pregnant mothers
  7. Provide family planning methods to mothers of reproductive age, increase acceptance rate by 30%, health education  on reduction of infant and maternal mortality, emphasis is on the of primary immunizations, breast feeding and weaning foods.

School Health Clinics

To perform health examination for the pupils in class 1 and class 8. annually in each of 20 rural schools. These examination include:

  1. Nutritional assessment (weight/height)
  2. Vision screening
  3. Health and hygiene screening
  4. Booster immunization
  5. To treat the minor health problems identified
  6. To refer for further treatment as necessary
  7. To follow up students with identified health problems
  8. Health education once per term

Our Contacts

Maua Methodist Hospital

P.O BOX 63-60600

Maua, Meru North, Kenya

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mobile: +254-0724-697053

Switchboard: +254-0715-469046


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